Property Management & Tree Trimming Maintenance

Tree Service, Sunshine Coast, BCTop Investment Property Owners and Property Managers know that Quality Property Management includes regular tree maintenance and trimming.

Allowing trees and shrubs to become overgrown into the view can have the ‘best renter’ choose a different property of equal quality - simply for the view.

We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for tree trimming or any of our other services, such as Mobile Chipping, Stump Grinding or Emergency Storm Response.

We are available
for Emergency and Storm Response... 24/7

Proper tree trimming and hedge trimming is essential to maintaining an inviting yard and increases rentability, as well as the all important 'renter satisfaction.'

Our Professional Tree Assessment will also let you know what trees are a danger to the Septic System or Septic Field. This preventative measure can save the property owner a great deal of money in the long run.

Gibsons Tree Service understands that providing
a top quality rental residence is your # 1 priority,
and we will respond quickly, safely and efficiently
every time you call on us.

dscn2876-320Gibsons Tree Service provides excellent response time and top quality workmanship to all of the Sunshine Coast BC and the surrounding Islands – Gambier, Keats, the Trail Islands, the Paisley Islands and Thormanby Island. We operate our own boat and can assist you any time you need us.

Just let Gibsons Tree Service know how we can assist you in providing the very best in quality landscaping, tree trimming and hedge maintenance.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

Murray Walker - Gibsons Tree Service
Tree Service Specialists
Office (604) 886-7985
On Site Cell (604) 741-1302




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