Landscaping and trees

Landscaping is the living, finishing touch for your home and property.

Landscaping really begins and ends with proper tree trimming and maintenance and with hedge trimming too. Trees and hedges are the background guardians of our yards and gardens.

Your trees deserve as much care, if not more, than the gardens themselves. The reason being is the sheer size in comparison.

Replacing garden specimens is easy, replacing or removing trees due to neglect is quite different.

Gibsons Tree Service Trucks

Our trees here on the Sunshine Coast and our surrounding Islands are simply magnificent. From the strong and fragrant Cedars, the massive Hemlocks, the colourful and towering Maples, our fast growing Alders, and don’t forget about our Douglas Firs and our famous Arbutus trees. Yes – you can have your trees and beautiful garden too!

We can trim your trees so they are healthy and beautiful...
And let the sun light in where you want it

Trees are a wonderful part of our lives and our landscape. That’s why Gibsons Tree Service takes such great care of your treasured trees. You can count on our tree maintenance expertise.

Call Gibsons Tree Service today for a free Estimate on maintaining your trees and hedges for long life and healthy growth. You and your trees will be glad you did!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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